Laneige is well known for its hydrating range of products, especially the cult-fave Water Sleeping Mask and Lip Sleeping Mask. With anti-aging and skin-renewal in-focus, Laniege has recently revamped its selection of anti-aging products with the new Perfect Renew Range which is now available on Althea with direct shipping from Korea! 

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Laneige Perfect Renew anti-aging range

Laneige has recently discovered that the secret of lively and perfect younger skin is our “Youth Triangle”. A "Youth Triangle" is an epidermal structure in the shape of small triangles that is only found on the surface of young and healthy skin, is characterized as smaller and denser as the skin is younger.
the "Youth Triangle"
An easy way to notice whether your skin is starting to lose its "Youth Triangle" over time is when you notice that your skin seems to lose its radiance or if you start seeing fine lines.

The all-new Perfect Youth Range aims to reclaim your "Youth Triangle" and features three main ingredients that aim to improve the 5 signs of aging (wrinkles, elasticity, radiance, moisture, texture) in just 7 days:
Extracted and concentrated from the root of wild butterfly ginger, this skin energy revitalizer helps regenerate healthier-looking skin
Purity 90% French peptide 'Tri-Peptide'
Pro-collagen (also known as the mother of collagen) is an anti-aging protein that was created in France with 90% purity. It helps to improve the skin's firmness and elasticity to reduce the visible signs of aging
Anti-oxidant bomb 'Berry Complex'
A mix of ingredients containing Acai berry and Acerola extracts, this anti-oxidant bomb contains 4X stronger anti-oxidant effect than Vitamin C

Perfect Renew Youth Skin Refiner
A functional Toner that is used as the first step in your skincare routine after cleansing, this refiner/toner cares & nourishes the skin deeply, making skin's texture firm and smooth. Containing betaine, a modified amino acid, it is quickly absorbed into the skin, leave the skin moist and supple.
Perfect Renew Youth Regenerator
Backed by 25-year skin science, Laneige's No.1 anti-aging serum contains a powerful ingredient, helps to increase skin elasticity and skin radiance, providing denser and tighter "Youth Triangles" in 8 weeks. Apply this product after the refiner, taking an appropriate amount and applying it gently front the center of your face, patting it in gently for maximum penetration.
Perfect Renew Youth Emulsion
Perfect for use in the day (especially in hotter climates), this emulsion contains sunflower seed oil rich in essential fatty acid nourishes the skin, making it soft and supple.
Perfect Renew Youth Regenerating Cream
The latest version of Laneige's Perfect Renew Youth range, this product is a total anti-aging functional cream that reduces the signs of early aging to make skin firm and smooth. This anti-aging cream also contains yarrow extract which can fortify skin's moisturizing barriers and sugarcane-derived squalene which can nourish the skin.
Perfect Renew Youth Regenerating Eye Cream
An intensive moisturizing eye cream with anti-wrinkle and anti-aging effects, this eye cream contains panthenol to protects the delicate skin around the eyes, leaving it fully nourished and resilient by fortifying skin's moisture barriers. What we love about this is that this eye cream makes the skin texture around the eyes smooth and lively!
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