Well known for their cute packaging, limited-edition collaborations, and fun color cosmetics, Etude House recently renewed and expanded their Soon Jung Line of skincare products. Catering to those with sensitive and irritated skin, this line is now available on Althea! Read on to know more about it + what the hype is all about.
Renewed and extended, now available on Althea!
After carefully listening to the concerns of those with sensitive skin, Etude House investigated the causes of sensitive skin (such as environmental triggers & weakening skin barrier). The result is the new and refreshed Soon Jung line.
순정 (Soon Jung) in Korean means Pure, and the entire idea of this line is to purify the skin, providing a hypoallergenic solution to those suffering from dryness, irritation, and sensitivity.
With a low pH. formula and naturally derived ingredients, this line does not contain 10 harmful ingredients (namely animal materials, mineral oil, color additives, synthetic perfume, polyacrylamide, silicone, imidazolidinyl urea, triethanolamine, surfactant, and parabens)
All the products in this line also contain a patented ingredient called Panthensoside. A combination of two staples in skin-soothing, Panthensoside consists of Panthenol (which protects the skin barrier and maintains the skin's hydration) & Madecassoside (a component of Centella Asiatica that soothes irritated skin)
Free from acids and with no scent/fragrance, this line of products is great for those who want something they can depend on which won't trigger any irritations. The best part about this line is the inexpensive price point!  With even better prices on Althea, the Etude House Soon Jung line is perfect for those who want to soothe their dry and sensitive skin while they're on a budget, making them a popular choice.
SoonJung pH 6.5 Whip Cleanser
With a soft creamy formula that leaves the skin feeling moist, this cleanser has a convenient pump that dispenses the product easily. Gentle and simple, this cleanser is perfect for daily cleansing without that dreaded tight and squeaky feeling.
SoonJung pH 5.5 Relief Toner

Formulated at an ideal pH level similar to the skin's natural pH, this cooling toner can be used in the 7 toner method or as a normal toner. Hailed as a holy grail by those who have sensitive skin, we highly recommend trying this toner + using it as a mini mask as well
Soon Jung Sheet Mask Panthensoside

Made with 100% bamboo sheet produced by water jet cutters, this sheet mask clings onto the skin and has a lightweight, soft feeling while it's on. Providing deep hydration, it has a clear, almost water-like essence that absorbs easily into the skin.
SoonJung 10 Free Moist Emulsion

Lightweight and milky, this non-sticky emulsion has a non-irritating formula that is great for those who prefer a light moisturizer during the day. Especially perfect for countries with humid weather, simply pat this milky emulsion into the skin for maximum comfort. Do take note that a white later forming when the product is rolled is natural because of the ingredients, so we recommend patting it in gently. Also, as it does not contain any synthetic fragrance, it can form a scent when exposed to sunlight, so keep it in a cool, dry place.
SoonJung 5-Panthensoside Cica Balm

With a fresh formula that absorbs quickly into the skin, this balm is great for those who want to get soft and moist skin without any heavy or oily feeling. Versatile and powerful, this balm can be applied on your entire face or anywhere on your body that feels dry or requires soothing.
Soon Jung Hydro Barrier Cream

Reduces skin irritation & takes care of damaged skin, this hydro soothing cream helps comfort stressed skin by up to 92.2%. Strengthening the skin's barrier, it's hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.
SoonJung 2x Barrier Intensive Cream
A soft cream that balances the skin's oil and water levels, this product is perfect when you need extra moisture. With a low pH level similar to the skin, the cream is now twice as better at strengthening the skin barrier, working to improve the skin in the long run.
Soon Jung Lip Balm
Smooth, kissable lips are just a swipe away with Etude House’s Soon Jung Lip Balm. Specially made for sensitive skin, these lippies have a hypoallergenic formula that contains no irritants or fragrances. They also contain hydrating ingredients like panthenol and madecassoside to soothe and moisturize the lips, leaving them soft and healthy. If you're looking for something that will give you a flush of color, a natural red version is also available!
Get the renewed and extended Soon Jung line from Etude House at the best prices on today.