Innisfree is well known for its best-selling Green Tea range of products, especially the cult-fave Green Tea Seed Serum (now available on Althea at a further reduced price!). With the success of their Green Tea Range, Innisfree has launched the brand new Black Tea Youth Enhancing anti-aging range!


Innisfree Black Tea Range now available on Althea!


Black Tea Youth Enhancing Ampoule 30ml
A black tea ampoule that improves skin ageing with just one use. It quickly resets rough and dull skin, restore healthy skin! 
After applying your essence, apply 3-5 drops and let it absorb. Can be use both day and night!

Black Tea Youth Enhancing Cream 45ml
An intensive night care cream, this cream is formulated with a "Reset concentrate" that helps to enhance your vibrant and healthy-looking skin. More suitable for the night time, a
pply an appropriate amount over your face & neck, then gently smooth the product in for better absorption.

Black Tea Youth Enhancing Eye Cream 15ml
An eye cream that helps you achieve well slept-like, bright, vibrant-looking eyes. Apply a small amount of cream around your eyes and gently pat the cream in for the best absorption!

Just like green tea, black tea is made using the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. Black teas mainly come from three tea-producing countries: China, India, and Sri Lanka.

The main difference between green and black tea is in the production process. While green tea is not oxidized, black tea undergoes the most complete oxidation process of the true teas. Black tea leaves are harvested and then withered to reduce moisture content.

The power of concentrated Black Tea

Black tea is full of antioxidants and benefits your skin by targeting skin infections and blemishes, helping to delay signs of aging and reducing puffiness with ingredients like Gallic Acid. Packed with chemicals like Polyphenols and Tannins, it also promotes skin regeneration!

On top of all the benefits above, black tea also helps to build a stronger skin barrier against sun damage. Exposure to UV radiation can cause many skin problems like pigmentation, dark spots, and dry, flaky patches. Black tea can help enhance your skin's fighting potential against issues caused by too much UV exposure.

Grown on a pesticide-free farm on the island of Jeju. The black tea that Innisfree uses goes through a double aging process that takes place over 100 days. Containing up to 55.4% of antioxidant-rich, fermented Black Tea.

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