Have you ever thought of the surfaces your skin touches? Sure, we know not to touch the walls of washrooms and to wash your hands after holding handrails in the train, but what about spots we hold near and dear like our beds or the headphones we wear on our heads? Out of sight, out of mind, we don’t really think of the bacteria and germs that linger on these places that could cause our skin to be irritated and sprout up spots. It’s super important to ensure that these surfaces are clean, and Dirty Nope’s Hello Cheek was made to do just that! Here’s the beauty breakdown on what this little bottle can do!

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Fresh on Althea, Dirty Nope is a brand that focuses on the necessities, creating solutions to problems to ease the daily lives of people. The Hello Cheek spray is originally inspired by air stewards and stewardesses who travel often as they end up putting a clean towel on the pillow they sleep on overseas to prevent bacteria and germs for contaminating the skin while they slept. This formula  is made with micro-capsules that eliminate nasties from the surfaces your skin touches with natural ingredients, making it great for keeping by your bedside or bringing around as a travel companion to spritz anytime you need fabrics cleaned.
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The product itself is a lightweight one that is made with cypress water infused with 5 natural essential oils: houttuynia cordata, tea tree, oregano, spearmint and rosemary. These have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that clean your fabrics seconds before you need to use them. It dries quickly after being sprayed, and doesn’t contain artificial fragrances or harmful ingredients that might lead to skin irritations, so it’s suitable for users of all ages, even little babies and pregnant women.
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All you have to do is spray on evenly onto the surface and allow to dry, then you’re free to use the surface however you like! Don’t just limit this to your pillows and bed sheets, this can also be used on other fabrics like sofas, headphones, even your makeup puffs too! 
Sure, this isn’t a beauty product in the traditional sense, but cleanliness is super important when it comes to ensuring your skin stays in tip top shape! You can find Dirty Nope's Hello Cheek spray and other cool K-beauty products on Althea’s site. What do you think of this product? Let us know in the comments down below!