Still confused about whether Althea’s Real Fresh Skin Detoxer is a cleanser or a pack? We’ve got good news for you: it’s both! We’re all about multi-purpose products, and if it’ll help us save time in the morning for an extra couple minutes of sleep, we’re down! This product has  been specially formulated for city urbanites with busy schedules, and in just 10 seconds, your skin is able to get the clarity cleansers provide together with the added nourishment a pack will give.

The Real Fresh Skin Detoxer was made in a beautiful matrimony between Althea and Get It Beauty. If you didn’t know, Get It Beauty (GIB) is Korea's no.1 beauty TV show that introduces new trends and provides resourceful information for beauty experts like dermatologists and pharmacists. Naturally, this collaboration brought about an innovative product that was aimed to solve the skincare woes of the modern woman, a.k.a “I’m too busy to take care of my skin”. 
The Real Fresh Skin Detoxer was showcased on GIB’s show with the beautiful Jeonghwa from EXID and she showed us how to use it on her face as well as some tips and tricks to really make the product work for her. Her Detoxer of choice was the Rose one!
This product comes in Rose and Green Tea, two of our favorite scents, and both have different skincare benefits: Rose helps to refine the skin, while the Green Tea one purifies it. You can find these on Althea’s site under the Althea’s Exclusive tabs, so be sure to check it out! Let us know down below if you’ve tried it, and which one is your favorite.
Have a magical day!