Most of us love to travel: the idea of discovering a new place, the anticipation of an adventure. Traveling on a plane to the destination of your choice may be fun and exciting, but what’s not great is what it can do to your skin. The air on board is dry and can really dehydrate your skin, leaving you with dull, flaky skin that’s gasping for some moisture by the time you land. Here’s a couple of tips and tricks we like to keep up our sleeves to make your flight a more pleasant one for you and your skin!
1. Mask your worries away
Bring a sheet mask or two (depending on the length of your flight) on board. These are great at instantly replenishing your skin with moisture, plumping up the skin with essence for a quenched complexion. We love picking hydrating ingredients that don’t feel too sticky on the skin like cucumber, aloe and centella for a comfortable and mess-free use. Sure, you might get a couple weird stares with the mask on, but hey, that’s a small price to pay for great skin.

2. Mini spritz, big moisture
Decant your favorite skin mists or moisturizing toners into a 50ml spray bottle for easy access when you’re flying. Misting frequently while you’re in the plane is a brilliant way to ensure your skin gets its dose of hydration. Just make sure you’re mindful of where you spray it so you don’t accidentally get some onto your seat partner!

3. Stash your samples
K-beauty brands are famous for giving out little sample sachets that allow you to try the product before committing to a full-sized bottle. These handy little packets are perfect for doing a beauty routine on-the-go! It’s good to keep the basics with you, so we recommend bringing at least a cleanser, hydrating toner and moisturizer to keep your skin supple.

4. Oils and serums
Keeping a bottle of face oil or a serum really gives your skin the boost of care it needs on the plane. These little bottles have concentrated ingredients to treat your skin, and picking one with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid will keep your complexion nice and plump while flying. Plus, these smaller bottles mean that they should have no problem joining you on the flight.

Say bye-bye to dehydrated, chapped skin, and step off the plane looking and feeling fresh! You can find these and other awesome K-beauty products at Althea’s site. What are some of your favorite products to bring on a flight? Do you have any more tips and tricks to stay hydrated? Let us know in the comments down below!