In Althea, we believe all good things must be shared! Introducing Althea Rewards the rewards program that gives you the opportunity to share your K-beauty love with your friends and get rewarded in return. Just click the Althea Rewards icon 🎁 at the bottom of your screen and a small window would pop out.

Apart from the referral function, the program also tracks and rewards you each time you shop on Althea. Yes, that's right - for every $$ spent you'll earn points in your Althea Rewards account which you can exchange for a gift card to be used on your next order.

Login in to your account

Copy your referral URL & share it with friends
To get started, click the rewards tab on the top of the website or click the gift icon at the bottom left corner of your screen. Your unique referral link would appear on your rewards page. You can share it either by copying the link and giving it directly to your friends or by sharing it via Facebook, Twitter, or Email. 

They get a reward to shop on Althea as your referral so once they make a successful order using your referral link, you too will be rewarded with a one-time coupon via email. 

Please note:
  1. Your reward will only be available once your friend's order is complete/your friend received their order.
  2. Errors may occur if referrals are made under the same household/same IP Address.
  3. Rewards vary per country/website (see below).

Althea USA/Global 🌎

  • Your friend gets $10 off the first order (min spend $80) + Flat Rate Shipping*
  • You get a $10 off coupon (min spend $50) + Flat Rate Shipping*

*Flat Rate shipping is only available within the USA, Thailand, and Taiwan for orders made on Shipping rates apply to other countries.

Althea Philippines 

  • Your friend gets: ₱300 off the first order (min spend ₱2500) + Flat Rate Shipping
  • You get: ₱300 off coupon (min spend ₱1700) + Flat Rate Shipping

Althea Malaysia:

  • Your friend gets: RM20 off the first order (min spend RM150) + Flat Rate Shipping
  • You get: RM20 off coupon (min spend RM100) + Flat Rate Shipping

Althea Singapore:

  • Your friend gets: S$10 off the first order (min spend S$60) + Flat Rate Shipping
  • You get: S$10 off coupon (min spend S$35) + Flat Rate Shipping

Terms & Conditions:
  1. In the event, your referred friend’s transaction is refunded, returned, or canceled, your reward might be canceled.
  2. All points accrued will expire on 1st Jan annually. E.g points accrued from Jan 1, 2000, will expire Jan 1, 2001. Points accrued in Dec will expire on Jan 1, 2002. 
  3. Althea reserves the right to disqualify referrals and friends if fraudulent behavior is detected.
  4. Althea reserves the right to modify, cancel, or amend the program or its Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.
  5. The store exclusion policy applies. 
  6. Althea’s general terms and conditions apply
How To Earn & Use Points
Your Althea Rewards account also allows you to earn points for every $ you spend shopping on Althea. You can collect bonus points by clicking the "Ways to earn" tab and completing every activity on it. Click "Ways to redeem" to see what rewards you can exchange with your accumulated points!.

For points earned via "placing an order" the order has to complete its cycle and be updated as "completed" in your order history before the points are given.
click "Ways to Redeem" to exchange your points for a coupon
Once you have enough points to exchange for a coupon (gift card), the "redeem" button would appear on your reward's page. If there's no "redeem" button, then it means you have not reached the points to exchange for a gift card yet. The page will show you how many points you have in total at the top. Please note that point exchange varies by country.
a copy of the coupon (gift card) will also be
emailed to you for reference

Copy & apply the code at checkout

After clicking "redeem", your coupon (gift card) will appear in your rewards account as a unique code. You can use it on Althea's app and website by clicking apply code (it will appear on your checkout page). Another easier way would be copying the code and pasting it at the "gift card or discount code box" on the checkout page. 

You can gift it to your friend if you wish by copying the code and giving it to your friend to use on Althea.

Terms & Conditions:
  1. Gift cards made from point redemptions cannot be refunded. In the event that an order using gift points is canceled, any balance paid will be refunded, but the gift card will not.
  2. Althea reserves the right to disqualify gift cards if fraudulent behavior is detected.
  3. Althea reserves the right to modify, cancel, or amend the program or its Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.
  4. The store exclusion policy applies. 
  5. Althea’s general terms and conditions apply.
Should you encounter any errors/missing rewards even though all criteria have been fulfilled, please reach out to our help team at for further assistance. Kindly provide all the necessary details (your Althea A/C Email, screenshots, etc) in your email and await their response back to you within 48 working hours.