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Super Volcanic Peel Off Mask 2X (100ml)

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No-wash clay mask that helps achieve smooth skin by removing old dead skin cells and skin wastes with Jeju Volcanic Scoria Sphere TM that contains stronger sebum adsorbing power.



1.       Providing cool and fresh feeling even to the deepest pores that gets applied thickly.

-       Gel type texture gets applied thickly and delivers cooling effect that even refreshes the pores.

2.       Multi-item for anywhere you want to care

-       It is a multi-skincare mask that can be used on the entire face and the areas that need sebum and dead skin cell care.


How to use:

After face wash, take an appropriate amount and evenly apply on entire dry face or desired areas avoiding eyes and mouth. After 20 - 30 minutes when it feels like the dried mask is tightening the skin, gently and slowly take off the mask from the top to bottom.



* It is easier to take off the mask if you apply lotion before wearing the mask.  

Size : 100ml


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