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Real Fresh Foam Cranberry (160g)

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Point: 100% Real Cranberries and Vaccinium Macrocarpon Fruit Water + 99 natural ingredients are combined in this cleansing foam with less irritation.


1.        Clean your face with less stimulation

-      By using 100% of Vaccinium Macrocarpon Fruit Water, it delivers the natural freshness and the whipped cream-like foams with less irritation lessen the direct friction between the hands and the face and mildly clean your face.

2.        99 natural ingredients moistly and neatly maintain the pores

-      It restores your skin to be smooth and soft by reducing excessive sebum and cleansing the clogged pores.

3.        Skin improvement effect proved by human testing

Through researches, it turned out to be helpful in 7 areas which are increasing moisture level of the skin, reducing sebum, brightening complexion, decreasing dead skin cells, improving the pores, removing the UV ray blocking elements and low irritation.

Purpose: It is cleansing foam with less irritation that removes excessive sebum and old dead skin cells and only leaves moistness and softness on your skin.


Indications and Usage:

  1. While your face and hands are still wet, pump out the product 2-3 times on your palms and take an appropriate amount.
  2. Gently rub the bubble foams on the entire face like massaging.
  3. When the makeup is melted enough, wash off thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Size: 160g


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