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Oil Remobong (4g)

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Got a stray smudge you need to take care of? A’pieu’s Oil Remobong sticks are the perfect tool! These plush cotton swabs contain olive oil to easily and quickly remove any stray makeup while keeping the skin moisturized. They’re gentle on sensitive areas like the eyes and lips, and are easily disposable for convenient, hygienic use. Keep some of these handy when you’re out and about for perfect makeup anytime, anywhere.

What's Good
  • Saturated cotton swabs to easily remove makeup smudges
  • Contains 100% virgin olive oil
  • Easy to use on-the-go and disposable
Skin Type

All skin types

How to Use

Separate a swab and open the packaging following the line in the middle. Use the swab to clean up any makeup smudges, then dispose after.

What's Included

50ea x Oil Remobong (4g)

Key Ingredients

Virgin Olive Oil 100% - Deeply moisturizes to soothe and smoothen the skin.

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