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Multi Deep-Clean Cleanser (150ml)

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Size: 150ml

Point: Deep cleansing of heavy makeup and dead skin cells all at once! It is a multi-cleansing foam that takes care of dead skin cells without irritation.


 1. Multi-foam that erases all 
  - Cleanser that removes sunblock, makeup and dead skin cells entirely.

 2. Daily care for dead skin cells without irritation
  - Natural Papain Ferment and Cellulose Beads that melt softly on the palms take care of old dead skin cells.
 3. Healthy cleansing for your skin
  - Containing Blueberry Extract, this cleanser presents you clear and bright skin.



  1. When you want to remove even heavy makeup with single cleansing foam.
  2. When you want mild but strong exfoliation.
  3. When you want refreshed and vibrant skin with cleansing.


Indications and Usage: Take about 2cm of the content on your palms and rub with lukewarm water to create rich bubbles. Gently massage with the bubbles and wash off.

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