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Self Hair Cutting Scissors Kit (1P)

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Bangs are a great timeless style, but they can grow out so quickly and going out to get them cut all the time can be such a chore. Keep them looking tip top in the comfort of your own home with the Self Hair Cutting Scissors Kit from A'Pieu! Armed with a stabilizer and a pair of layering scissors, you'll be left with an even, natural looking cut, perfect for touching up your bangs anytime you need to!

What's Good
  • Hair cutting kit
  • Contains a stabiliser and a pair of layer scissors
  • Natural, easily cut bangs in the comfort of your own home
Skin Type

All hair types

How to Use
  1. Comb out your bangs and align them as neat as you can
  2. Clip on the hair stabilizer clip onto the area of hair you want to cut, starting from the roots of the hair.
  3. Drag the clip down to where you want the bangs to end.
  4. Adjust till the bubble of the stabilizer clip falls in the middle and cut the bangs along the bottom of the clip accordingly with a steady hand.
What's Included

1 x Self Hair Cutting Scissors Kit (1P)

Key Ingredients
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