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Rejuvenating Beauty Balm (50ml)

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Hypoallergenic blemish-covering BB cream that is safe to use for acne-prone and sensitive skin and evenly adheres to the skin without lumping.


1.      Naturally clear and fair skin tone as if it’s bare skin

-       Grey beige color with tone & color matching technology naturally covers sensitive and reddish skin surface.

2.      Long-lasting, comfortable and well-adhering fit

-       Coating layer that adheres well to the skin evenly fits the skin to reduce darkening and smoothly cover the skin flaws for a long time.


3.      Completed acne-prone skin fit test

-       As it passed the acne-prone skin fit test through clinical experiments, it is safe to use for sensitive skin without irritation.


How to use:

1. After skincare, take a small amount on the back of the hand.

2. Apply on the entire face along the skin texture.

3. Gently pat to let it be absorbed.

Size : 50ml

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