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Power 10 Formula WH Effector (30ml)

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Just like an espresso shot in the morning, It's Skin's Power 10 Formulas gives your skin a little boost according to your skin's needs. This WH Effector is enriched with an array of whitening agents including arbutin suppresses the skin's production of melanin and minimize damage caused by the sun. Great for those with dark spots or scars, this product brightens and lightens the skin for a fair complexion. This lightweight, fast absorbing concentrate applies on without leaving behind any sticky residue while instantly hydrating the skin for a supple, radiant complexion.

What's Good

- Lightweight, quick absorbing essence

- Skin brightening and spot lightening

- Absorbs into the skin without stickiness

Skin Type

Normal to dry/combo skin types

How to Use

Apply a couple of drops to your face and gently pat on for better absorption.

What's Included

1 x Power 10 Formula WH Effector: 30ml

Key Ingredients

Matricaria extract - Used to calm irritations and has antibacterial properties

Licorice extract - Helps diminish dark spots and even out skin tone

Arbutin - Brightens the skin and reduces skin's pigmentation production

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