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Nourishing Beauty Balm (50ml)

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Soft beige-toned BB cream that adheres to the skin smoothly with light and moist texture.


1.      Bright and moist skin as if it’s your natural skin

-       With clearer and softer beige color compared to existing colors, it effectively covers your skin to be brighter and moister like it’s your original skin tone. 

2.      Moisturizing & nutritious fitting

-       Plant Wax ingredient hides blemishes without being flaky and contained natural Oil and Centella Asiatica Extract protects the skin, achieving glossy and healthy skin. 

3.      Completed acne-prone skin fit test

-       As it passed the acne-prone skin fit test through clinical experiments, it is safe to use for sensitive skin without irritation.


How to use:

1. After skincare, take a small amount on the back of the hand.

2. Apply on the entire face along the skin texture.

3. Gently pat to let it be absorbed. 

Size : 50ml

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