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Moisture Ampoule (100ml)

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Point: Perfect adhesiveness of the ampoule’s texture keeps the skin moisturized for a long time.


1.        Skin temperature DOWN

-      Milk Vetch Root Extract helps the skin temperature drop and calms sensitive skin.

 2.        Excellent adhesiveness

-      Tight texture of the ampoule adheres to the skin well, smooths the rough skin effectively and gives vitality to dull skin.

 3.        Long-lasting moisture

-      Highly adhesive texture prevents moisture loss and continuously provides long-lasting moisture.


Purpose: Coptis Chinensis Root Extract inside Moisture Ampoule lowers the hot skin due to outside environment and helps keep flaky skin to be moist.


Indications and Usage:

Take an appropriate amount (1~2 times with a dropper) and gently apply along the skin texture. Pat on the skin with your palms until it is absorbed.

Size: 100ml

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