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Jellime Highlighter (8g)

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Purpose: Enjoy colourful & joyful sparkling! Twinkling highlighter with new and innovative touching texture that helps achieve moist and glowing skin!


1.      Highlighter with new type of texture you want to touch

-       The soft, clotty and jelly texture that resembles slime makes you enjoy touching it like playing with slime.

 2.      Visual fun with twinkling and bright glitter slime texture you want to watch

-       Brilliant sparkling slime texture softly melts onto the skin like water jelly when applied and expresses pretty and moist glow on the face.

 3.      Scent therapy with natural oil fragrance you want to smell

-       Mandarin Orange scent of natural oil pleasantly comforts you and makes you feel like you’re getting aroma therapy. (※ Natural Mandarin Oil is contained.)


How to use:

Take an appropriate amount and gently pat on the areas you want to highlight such as cheekbones, nose bridge and lip lines.

Size: 8g

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