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Hydrogel Very Simple Pack (60patches)

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Daily moisturizing and soothing hydrogel pack that adheres tightly on dry and flaky areas without flowing down and achieving smooth and moist skin.


1.      Refresh your skin anytime and anywhere
-      It simply and quickly moisturizes dry areas where makeup gets patchy without needing to wet a toner on cotton pad. 

2.      Quick moisture boost
-      Soothing and moisturizing double care with Ceramide NP & Centella Asiatica element. 
Simply attach before going to work, makeup, makeup correction and inside a plane! 
It quickly boosts up your moisture level anytime and anywhere. 

3.      Transparent and simple hydrogel sheet

-      7cm convenient and compact size mask pack enables simple and easy skincare for only needed areas without sticky sheet mask with flowing down essence.

How to use:

Using the included tweezers, place the patch closely on the desired area and take off after 10-30 minutes.

Ÿ   Size : 60patches

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