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Ginseng Serum (30ml)

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Point: It is made of 7.98% of original ginseng essence that has been concentrated for 6 years. Purpose:

1. The natural thermal sensation that original ginseng essence provides helps enhance your complexion and better absorb the effective elements for the skin.

2. It nourishes deep inside the dull and dry skin and softens the skin texture.

3. The concentrated antioxidant element inside ginseng essence cleanses the skin tired from outside stimulation and clogged skin wastes inside.

4. Highly enriched ginseng essence adheres to the skin tightly and gives firm elasticity to lifeless and saggy skin.

Indications and Usage:

1. After washing, take an appropriate amount and spread thin layer along the skin texture with fingertips.

2. After applying the serum, gently cover the face with your palms for providing light thermal sensation and helping better absorption.

3. Use it in the morning and at night at the basic skincare step.

Size: 30ml

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