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Beauty Filter Cream Glow (40g)

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     1. Natural peachy tone-up effect

         - It contains 8 kinds of white flower complexes (Freesia, Madonna lily, Edelweiss, Iris flower, Lotus flower, White daffodil,White jasmine, Jasmine) to make it look cleaner and healthier skin.

     2. Expressing moist and gleaming skin like you just had a deep sleep

         - Rosa Damascena Flower Water Extract maintains moist skin and prevents from dryness of the skin.
     3. Smoother skin as if it doesn’t even have pores

          - ALPAFLOR ALP SEBUM suppresses excess of oil to prevent cakey makeup between pores and maintains smooth skin texture.
     4.  Completing clear facial texture with just a cream!

          - If you apply it before base makeup step, it will make your skin to take makeup well. Whenever you feel lazy to do full makeup, just apply this cream and it will make much brighter skin.


Purpose: As if you edited your skin with a pinkish camera filter, it will express moist and smooth pink skin as soon as you apply the cream.


Indications and Usage:

  1. Take a suitable amount in the final step of skin care, buff it out softly and tap it lightly to let it absorbed.
  2. Apply a small amount of Beauty Filter Cream which is buildable onto dark spot.

Tip: Apply an appropriate amount on the entire face and apply more on the T-zone for maximizing gleaming skin expression.

Size: 40g

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