secret Key

Starting Treatment Essence (155ml)


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Love It!!!!!!!!!!!!

my skin feels soft after one week of it

Very very good product

This one is a great essence/toner if you want to add a tiny bit of moisture to your face. I like to soak 4 cotton pads with this and leave it on my forehead, 2 cheeks, and chin areas for about a minute sorta like a face mask. Then swipe off. I like it a lot!

Hydrating and brightening

I have dry, acne-prone skin and need a hydrating product that controls sebum production. I got the Secret Key essence for an extra hydration step between BHA and moisturizer; previously I was using Missha FTE but it aggravated my acne and was very expensive. This product is deeply hydrating and calms any redness I may have. It absorbs very quickly and then skin is ready for moisturizer and sunblock. After I began using it I also noticed a reduction in acne and the amount of sebum clogging my pores. My skin is now much clearer and stays hydrated. I use this twice a day. On days I feel extra dry I use 2 layers. On more humid days if I will be outside all day, I can even skip moisturizer and just put sunscreen after applying this essence. I will probably repurchase as it is also more reasonably priced than similar products.

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