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Cover Perfection Pot Concealer (4g)

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It's a good concealer

It's a good concealer

Like it!:blush:

Like it!:blush:

Affordable and efficient!

The Saem is always my go to for affordable and quality concealers :two_hearts: highly recommended esp if u want a medium coverage concealer that still shows your skin but helps cover imperfections!

Good coverage but I think

Good coverage but I think I choose the wrong color so is a bit dark on my skin! Not dry after apply so consider ok on my skin.

Good under-eye concealer

I got this on a whim because it was one of the cheaper concealers. I've been using this for about 6 over months now and have tried this on the various parts of my face and have come to several conclusions.
1) It is only suitable for dark undereye coverage. It is not as creamy as other undereye concealers I've seen, hence blending it while its not warmed makes it a tad bit hard to blend. It works best if you warm it by running your CLEAN finger on the surface for about 10s or so then dab it on and use a clean finger to blend it out.
2) It is not suitable to use on your acne. I have had acne on my cheek for several months now (>4 months) and it has aggrevated my acne even more. I didn't know it as I had other factors in my skincare routine that might have contributed but over time, each time I use it, my acne would become even more inflamed and pronounced (aka bumpy skin). I tried this for about a month testing whether it was truly the concealer and now won't use it on my acne.
3) It is not suitable for your face in general. Seriously. If anything, areas that I tried to conceal ended up having pimples and whiteheads as compared to the areas that are void of the concealer.

In conclusion, its not a bad concealer, and you must know if its appropriate to be applied at specific areas of your face and for me, it only works as a dark undereye concealer :)

I am an oily-dehydrated and currently sensitized skin type if any of you are wondering.

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