O2 Bubble Black Mask 10 Sheets (20ml*10)

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Point: Bubble mask pack that removes impurities inside the pores with rich foams.


1. O2 cleansing mask

 O2 black mask that makes rich foams when in contact with air effectively removes pore wastes and outside dirt mildly and moistly with moisture base.


2. Removing sebum + smoothing out dead skin cells

 By removing skin wastes and sebum inside the pores, it turns dull skin into clear skin.


3. Improving complexion + soft skin texture

 O2 bubble mask takes away the sebum and impurities in the pores and provides rich mineral to the skin, resulting in bright complexion and sot skin texture.


Purpose: The moment this mask pack is attached on the skin, rich and dense bubble foams appear which massage and tighten the skin.


Indications and Usage:

Make your skin bright and clear with rich foams by cleansing the clogged pores.

Use it # When outside harmful dirt increases, # When in-between seasons create more dead skin cells, # When sebum inside the pores increases, # When the skin tone is dull and darkened.


Size: 20ml

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