Night Repair Borabit Ampoule (50ml)

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Size: 50ml


1.     Improves damaged skin

-      Purple ingredients such as blueberries and purple beets that are fermented by Lactobacillus improve vulnerable skin to be healthy

       and help recover itsnatural skin condition.

2.     Tight and strong skin with smooth and even skin tone!

-      Vegetable Collagen strengthens flabby skin and keeps the skin to be smooth and tight.

3.     Clear and transparent skin tone

-      7 Multi Vitamin Complex including Vitamin C provides fresh energy and brightens skin tone. 


Purpose: Borabit Ampoule NEW 3rdgeneration changes your skin to be tight and healthy with purple ingredients and Lactobacillus Extract.


Indications and Usage: Take an appropriate amount and make it absorbed into the skin along the skin texture.

* It can be used every day regardless of skin type.

* It is better to use after smoothing the skin texture with Missha’s First Essence.

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