Fork Eyebrow Tint (2g)

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Point: The four-forked brow tint marker helps express natural brow color.

 1.     4-forked brow tint marker colors each eyebrow like my own

-      With a tip different from other similar products, it delicately expresses natural eyebrows without drying.

 2.     Natural color match as if it is my own eyebrow!

-      With the variety of 3 colors, find the color that perfectly matches you!

 3.     Completed four categories of human testing

-      Perfectly stays on against WATER, SWEAT, and OIL!


Purpose: The color lasts up to 8 days with a single use!


Indications and Usage:

  1. Before you go to bed, wash your face then dry.
  2. Before applying skin care products, groom and draw eyebrows with the product in one direction.
  3. When you wake up the next day, just wash it off and you will have perfect tattooed eyebrows!

Size: 2g



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