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Finger Graphic Liner (3g)

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Highly close finger eyeliner for drawing delicate and distinct eye lines without shaky hands



1.       Stable and elaborate finger grip handle

-       Its handle supports the fingers stably and draws delicate and fine eye lines artistically without shaky hands.

2.       Water & sweat proof formula

-       It achieves smudge-free eye line that’s resistant to water and sweat and gets fixed as soon as it’s applied.

3.       Tension felt tip

-       Its elastic felt tip expresses detailed, continuous and various thicknesses between eyelashes and along waterline.


How to use:


  1. Shake the liner before use.
  2. Put the index finger into the finger hole and hold. Gently draw eye line.



Avoid using around the eyes and immediately wash off with water when the content gets inside the eyes

Size :

- 3g

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