Face Circle (2ea)

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Point: All-in-one cleansing towel that wipes away remaining makeup with just water!

  1. All-in-one cleansing towel that only requires water
             - Cleansing towel that can easily and perfectly removes makeup residue with warm water.
       2. Delicate special fiber thinner than hair
             -  The soft material of special fiber prevents scratch when cleansing.
       3. No chemical ingredient, minor scratch and dryness
             - It doesn’t cause dryness and redness with less irritation on the skin.
       4. Reusable for more than a year and 200 times in total
             - With lukewarm water and soap, it can be used about 200 times and can be washed in washing machine (but without softener due to possible damage to the fabric coating).


Purpose: Perfect cleansing with simple process!


Indications and Usage:

- Wet the product with lukewarm water, slightly squeeze and gently wipe your face while the product is moist.

- To effectively remove stiff mascara or eye line, add gentle amount of oil cleanser when cleansing with Face Circle.



Special fiber




Size: 95mm*95mm/ 1box (2ea)

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