Eco Science Cream (80ml)

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Size: 80ml



1.     Bio Sea Plant Science™ that gives skin’s natural energy

-      Bio Sea Plant Science™’s ingredients fermented from Jeju seaweed grow the natural power of skin.
2.     Organic anti-aging cream certified by ECOCERT, French organic certification institution

-      It’s gently rolled over the skin, gets absorbed tightly and completes the skin moist.
3.     Butter type cream that gets absorbed softly and tightly

-      Gently apply this moist and well-adhering cream at the last step of skincare.


Purpose: Wrinkle improving and anti-aging cream that relieves skin-related and wrinkle-related problems by combining Jeju sea plants and Bio Sea Plant Science™.


Indications and Usage: According to the order of use, take an appropriate amount and gently spread on the face and neck.

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