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Dr. Belmeur Clarifying Spot Solution Kit (20pads/1ea/20patchs/5ml)

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1.     4-in-one spot solution kit

-      It contains Dr. Belmeur Clarifying Sanitizing Pads, Spot Extractor, Spot Hydrocolloid Bands and Spot Calming Ampoule


2.     Clean and Easy home care

-      Effective solution for sensitive skin and blemishes at home


3.     Reasonable price

-      Mild derma cosmetics at reasonable price



Purpose: The easy-to-use Spot Solution Kit effectively aids in minimizing the appearance of blemish


Indications and Usage:

01. DR.BELMEUR CLARIFYING SANITIZING PAD - Use this ethanol pad to disinfect problematic areas and sterilize extractor.

02. DR.BELMEUR CLARIFYING SPOT EXTRACTOR - Use on cleansed face. Place loop on top of blemish and lightly press for extraction.

03. DR.BELMEUR CLARIFYING SPOT HYDROCOLLOID BAND - Apply band over wounded area for protection. (Do not use lotion or cream). Then remove after a sufficient amount of time.


Apply on problematic area. Avoid using the dropper directly on skin.



Size: 20pad/1EA/20patch/5ml

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