Designing Eyebrow Pencil (0.3g)

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Point: Easy and simple designing auto eyebrow pencil


1.     Natural eyebrows everyday using less-stimulating square brow!

-      By replacing the original pointy and triangular type to soft and round square type of pencil, it helps express natural eyebrows easily.

2.     Simple and easy drawing with flat brow design!

-      The flat pencil type of The Face Shop’s own unique style helps draw straight eyebrows simply and easily even for makeup novices.

3.     Always trendy from light brown to dark color!

-      With the addition of new colors, choose the best color that fits your eyebrow color and draw more natural and trendy eyebrows.


Purpose: It’s so easy for makeup novices to simply and perfectly draw straight eyebrows!


Indications and Usage:

  1. With an auto type pencil, draw and fill the color along the eyebrow line.
  2. Using the back side of the brush, brush the eyebrow texture to express neat eyebrows.

Size: 0.3g


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