Skin Relief Calming Cream (80ml)

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A little bit dry for

A little bit dry for sensitive skin

Suitable even for oily skin

To be honest I was pleasantly surprised by this product! Although it is called "cream", I think it has more of a gel-cream texture, which is absolutely suitable for all skin type even oily and acne prone skin. It absorbs into the skin within seconds without leaving any oily and sticky film on the skin. I was initially quite afraid that the shea butter used would be too thick for my oily/acne prone skin, but using it at night has been proven to protect my skin really well! It calms my skin overnight and provides protection to my skin by preventing water loss. I wake up with a smoother and plumper skin the next day! I have also noticed that the redness on my skin, or any inflammation on my skin has largely reduced within one week of consistent usage. I would highly recommend anyone with oily/acne prone skin girls to try this out!

Perfect for DRY skin

It works really well to moisturize my skin throughout the day. As recently I went to Vietnam, my skin was really dry. Been applying it twice daily. It does keep my skin looking fresh. The scent is great as well. Will purchase again =)

This is nice to my skin!

I like the super tiny orange smell, and very light non-sticky and oily after apply, moisturise to my skin, and minimize skin pore!

It’s oily at first, but...

Been switching back and forth with my other moisturiser! For me, this cream also got the gel texture which makes it not so thick nor too thin. At first application, it seems like it’s oily, but throughout the day it's absorbed into my skin and isn’t produced oil or anything. Entirely surprised by it, but I need to try it more to get clarification on my final thoughts about this cream.

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