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Eye Spanglitter (5g)

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Purpose: Enjoy colorful & joyful sparkling! Splendid eye glitter that achieves twinkling eye look with shiny glitters


1.      Bling-bling effect with big sized transparent spangles!

-       Big sized spangle glitters are spread on transparent base colors and achieve brightly glowing eye makeup.

 2.      Colorful sparkling that freshly brighten and highlight under-eye areas!

-       Twinkling glitter base added with refreshing color helps express more special and colourful eye makeup look.

 3.      Smooth and non-irritating application with soft gel fixing formula

-       Soft gel fixing formula which minimizes irritation and strengthens adherence make applying eye makeup easy and comfortable.


How to use:

Take some amount on its fine brushed-applicator and apply a thin layer of base color from the head of the eyes to the middle of the pupil area. Put some parts of big sized spangle glitters on the middle of the pupil as a point makeup.

Size: 5g 

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