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Milk Peel Cream Mask (50ml)

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Give your skin a big gulp of hydration with the refreshing peeling powers of Althea's Milk Peel Cream Mask! Containing both AHA and BHA extracts, this gentle but effective exfoliator transforms from a clay to a whipped cream lather, whisking away dead skin cells to prevent flakiness. It’s also formulated with casein protein from milk to revitalize and moisturize the skin. The result is radiantly smooth, healthy skin that's bouncy to the touch!

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What's Good

- An exfoliating mask that transforms from a clay texture to a whipped cream lather

- Contains milk protein extract to moisturize and revitalize

- Formulated with AHA & BHA to gently but effectively remove dead skin cells

Skin Type

All skin types

How to Use

Dampen the skin and apply an even layer onto the skin, massaging till a rich lather forms. Leave on for 30-60 seconds before rinsing away with warm water.

What's Included

1 x Milk Peel Cream Mask 50ml

Key Ingredients

Milk protein extract - Moisturizes and strengthens the skin

AHA & BHA - Gently exfoliates away dead skin cells for a smooth complexion

Kaolin - Detoxifies and pulls out impurities from the pores

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This gentle peeling mask contains milk for a refreshed complexion.
A self-bubbling clay texture creates a dense lather to remove dead skin cells.

Suitable For.....

  • Combination Skin Types
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Rough, sensitive skin that needs gentle exfoliation
  • Dry skin that needs to stay moisturized even after peeling

Removes dead skin cells, clogged sebum and impurities from the air without irritating the skin.

Moisturize and refresh your skin with casein that’s packed with vitamins for a healthy complexion.


Moisturizes and refreshes the skin


Removes impurities and declogs the pores


Removes dead skin cells on the surface of the skin

Triple care with MILK + AHA + BHA

Smoothes onto the skin with a creamy texture
A gentle formula that gives the skin smoothness and clarity

This gentle peeling mask gives your skin smoothness and clarity with daily use
This self-bubbling formula contains AHA and BHA to minimize pores and remove dead skin cells

Dead skin cell care with AHA+BHA

• AHA / BHA: Double exfoliating effect that smoothing out roughness and removing impurities from the pores
• Daily dead skin cell care
• Remove external impurities in pores and on the skin surface

Gentle Casein Protein

• Casein Protein provides the skin with hydration and keeps it moisturized
• Leaves the skin looking radiant and revitalized

Soft Clay →
Whipped Cream Bubble Texture

• The creamy clay texture bubbles into a rich lather to deep cleanse the pores and remove dead skin cells

How to use

Dampen the skin and apply an even layer onto the skin, massaging till a rich lather forms. Leave on for 30-60 seconds before rinsing away with warm water.

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