Argan Damage Hair Care Shine Hair Mist (200ml)

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Argan oil is essentially a magic potion for the hair: it strengthens, repairs and nourishes your strands for a luscious, healthy mane. Around Me's Argan range for damaged hair uses this as their star ingredient to keep your hair looking and feeling great! This lightweight mist contains a 3-step B.O.R. complex that gives the hair moisture and leaves behind a luxurious shine. Spritz onto damp hair for easy absorption, or onto dry hair before you walk out the door for a pretty sheen.

What's Good

- Moisturizing and nourishing hair mist

- Lightweight and leaves hair looking shiny

- Contains a mix of oils to keep the hair healthy

Skin Type

All hair types

How to Use

Hold approximately 5-10cm away from the hair and spray evenly.

What's Included

1 x Argan Damage Hair Care Shine Hair Mist 200ml

Key Ingredients

Argan oil - Thickens, nourishes and aids in hair growth

Cottonseed oil - Strengthens and protects the hair to prevent breakage

Asai palm oil - Rich in vitamin A and E to keep the hair healthy

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