All Day Makeup Fixer (110ml)

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Althea Says: Melting makeup is never in style, so keep it all staying put with Aritaum's All Day Makeup Fixer! This lightweight face spray spritzes on a refreshing mist that locks your makeup in place while hydrating the skin thanks to bamboo sap extract. It also contains 18 minerals and amino acids that protect and strengthen the skin's barrier, working to even out the skin's texture with consistent use. We love misting this through out the day to give the skin an extra boost too!
Size: 110ml
Type: All skin types
Color: -
How To Use: Spray onto the skin before and after makeup application.


1. Double Fixing Formula for moisturizing & fixing

Spray onto makeup to instantly form a moisture barrier on the skin and a fixing barrier on top to guard both hydration and makeup for an ideal skin condition.

 2.  Contains Bamboo Sap for deep, clear hydration

Infused with ‘Bamboo Sap’, balancing water that contains 18 minerals and amino acids, for deep hydration that quickly works on dry skin.

 3. Super-micro mist’ with nonpolar diffusing oil

The S.T. method (Surface Tension) using nonpolar oil sprays fine mist that covers the skin evenly without sliding down.



Purpose: A makeup fixer that allows you to maintain a remarkable endurance by moisturizing skin.



Indications and Usage:

Gently close your eyes and spray evenly to let it absorbed after/before makeup or for makeup correction.

Size: 110ml

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