After School BB Foundation Lunch Box (40ml)

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Makeup lunch box for perfect makeup containing BB cream + concealer + highlighter that will achieve moist skin, perfectly hide blemishes and add glossiness to well-gradated face.


1.      Finish your makeup with a single lunch box

- With a single makeup lunch box containing BB cream + concealer + highlighter, you can achieve seamless skin, cover blemishes and add glossiness. 

2.      Moisture holding system & diamond powder

- By forming a cool and thin foundation layer, it maintains the moistness of the skin and diamond powder contained in the highlighter reflects the light, achieving even glossier and brighter complexion. 

3.      3 colors that fit my skin type just right

- NO.1 #21 Soft-looking skin

- NO.2 #23 Moist-looking skin

- NO.3 #30 Healthy-looking skin


How to use:

-       Cover the blemishes and dark circles carefully with a concealer.

-       Take small amounts of BB foundation and apply them several times instead of applying at once.

-       Apply a small amount of highlighter on the areas that need glossiness like forehead, nose bridge, cheekbones and jaw line for deep-looking makeup.

Size: 40ml

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