3 Concept Eye
Pink Rumour Eye Lash
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Althea Says:
Nothing quite completes a look like beautiful, fluttery eyelashes! These 3CE Pink Rumour Eyelashes are tapered longer on the outer end, giving you a flirty, almost cat-eye shape that’s a hit with winged liner. With a thin band and wispy lashes, these babies are fuss-free and a breeze to put on. Get ready to bat and flaunt ‘em eyes with these falsies on!

8-10mm length

All skin types


How To Use:
Trim eyelashes to fit the length of your eye, then apply glue provided to the band and allow to become tacky. Once the glue is tacky, carefully place as close to the lash line as possible. Here’s a tip: apply on some mascara to help blend the false and natural lashes together.